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At Beautanicals, we are proud of the fact that we grow what we sell.
We can send seeds almost anywhere in the world.
All seed is organically grown, bio-dynamically tended, garden hardened and open pollinated.
We grow the plants, harvest the seed, clean and winnow, and pack your order ourselves.

Even though we do supply some of Australia’s leading Retail Nurseries and Research facilities with seed, our main focus is on the home gardener wanting to grow the plants that can enhance their lives.
We are not open to the public, and we grow the herbs in gardens, not hothouses so that they are open pollinated and climate hardened.


A Complete and frequently updated List of Plants that we grow with direct links to our shop in alphabetical order.

Aarons' Rod
Akebia quinata
Aloe vera
Alpine Strawberry
Amaranth (Grain)
Amaranth (Tri-colour)
American Wormseed- Epazote
Amish Paste Tomato
Angled Luffa
Aniseed or Anise
Apple Blossom Bulbs
Arabica coffee
Arkansas Traveler Tomato
Arnica Montana
Australian Native Ginger
Aztec Lily
Aztec Marigold or Mexican Tarragon
Balloon Flower
Banana Passionfruit
Beefsteak Tomato
Bell Chilli
Big Red Tomato
Bikini Snow Pea
Birds Eye Chilli
Bishops Weed
Bitter Melon
Bixa or Annatto
Black Henbane
Black Krim Tomato
Black Mulberry
Black Russian Tomato
Blenheim Pink Bulbs

Borage (Indian)

Brazil Cherry
Brazilian Spinach

Brazilian Cherry
Broad Beans
Buck Wheat
Bunya Pine
Bupleurum (Chai hu)
Bush Basil /Greek Basil
Butcher's Broom
Butterfly Pea
California Poppy
California Wonder Capsicum
Cape Gooseberry
Carpet Bugle
Cat's Whiskers
Ceylon Spinach (Green Stem)
Ceylon Spinach (Red Stem)
Chaste Tree
Chilli Joes' Cyanne
Chinese artichoke
Chinese broccoli
Chinese Cabbage Mini
Chinese Keys
Chinese Motherwort
Chinese Vitex
Chubby Marie - Hippeastrum
Cinnamon Basil
Clary Sage
Coral Tree
Coffee Arabica
Colic Root Wild Yam
Coltsfoot Seeds
Common Mallow
Coriander - Cilantro
Corn Salad
Cos Lettuce
Curry Leaf
Dan shen
Dark Mullein
Deadly Nightshade
Dog Bane
Dog Rose
Dragon Fruit / Red
Dragon Fruit / White
Dragonfruit Live Plant
Elder Plant
Elder Seed
English Chamomile
English Daisy
European Motherwort
Evening Primrose
Finger Eggplant
Galangal (lesser)
Garland Chrysanthemum
German Chamomile
Globe Artichoke
Goji Berry
Golden Cherry Tomato
Golden Egg Eggplant
Golden Shower Thrallis
Gotu Kola
Gourmet Delight Eggplant
Greater Celandine
Greenfeast Pea

Habanero Chilli
Halloween Pumpkin
Hawaiian Yellow Passionfruit
Heirloom Field Pea
Heirloom Mix - Basil
Heirloom Tomato Mixed
Henbane (Black)
Henbane (White)
Herb Bennet
Herb Robert
High John the Conqueror
Hippeastrum Collectors Bag
Hippeastrum Seed
Holy Basil / Tulsi
Honey Dew Melon
Horseradish Tree
Hubbard Pumpkin
Hymenocallis littoralis
Inca Marigold
Indian Spice Hippeastrum
Indian Tobacco
Jack Be Little Pumpkin
Jacobean Lily
Japanese Mugwort
Japanese Pepper
Japanese Plantain
Jarrahdale Pumpkin
Jerusalem Artichoke
Jimeson Weed
Job's Tears
Johnsonii Hippeastrum
Kabocha Squash
Kale Tuscan Cabbage
Kang Kong
Kangaroo Vine
Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato
King of Bitters
Kohl rabi - Green
Kohl rabi - Purple
Lavender English
Leaf Cardomom
Leaf Ginseng
Lemon Balm
Lemon Basil
Lemon verbena
Lemongrass Seed
Lemongrass Plant
Leopard Lily
Lesser Galangal
Lettuce - Buttercrunch
Lettuce - Cos
Lettuce - Heirloom Mix
Lettuce - Migionette
Lettuce Green Coral
Lettuce Green Frilly
Liquorice Plant
Long Pepper
Loofah (Smooth)
Macadamia Plant
Macadamia Seed
Madagascar Bean
Madagascar Jasmine Seed
Madagascar Jasmine Seedlings
Madagascar Jasmine Seeds BULK
Mallow - Common
Mallow - Marshmallow
Mammoth Melting Moment Pea
Maritime Pine
'Mea Culpa' Hippeastrum
Melon - Honey Dew
Mibuna Seeds BULK
Michelia champaca
Mimosa Tree / Pink Silk Tree
Miners Lettuce
Mixed Hippeastrum Bulbs
Mizuna - Green leaf
Mizuna - Red Leaf
Mock Orange
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Mother of Herbs Plant
Mulberry White
Mullein - Dark
Mullein (Cream)
Mullein (Yellow Flower)
Mustard Greens (Green Leaf)
Mustard Greens (Red Leaf)
Mustard Greens (Red Leaf) Seeds BULK
Naked Lady Bulb
Native Ginger
Native Lemongrass
Nettle (Annual)
Nettle- Perennial
New Guinea Bean
Nigella sativa
Okra or Gumbo
ONION Red Odorless
Onion Red Tropea (long)
Orange Delight Cocktail Tomato
Oregon Grape

Oxheart or Bullockheart Tomato
Pak Choi
Parsley / Curled Leaf
Parsley / Flat Leaf
Passionflower - Banana
Passionflower - Calabash
Passionflower - Red
Passionflower - Yellow
Paw Paw
Peas - Bikini
Peas - Field Pea
Peas - Greenfeast
Peas - Mammoth
Peas - Sugar Ann Dwarf
Pennyroyal Seeds
Pennyroyal Plant
Pepino Plant
Pepino Seed
Pepper - Betel Leaf
Pepper - Black
Pepper - Long
Perpetual Spinach
Personal Pumpkin
Piel de Sapo Melon
Pink Rain Lily Bulbs
Plantain (Japanese)
Poblano Peppers
Pompeii Tomato
Pot Marigold
Pride of Barbados
Prussian Blue Peas
Pumpkin - Musque De Provence
Pumpkin / Jack B Little
Pumpkin / Jap or Kent
Pumpkin / Jarrahdale
Pumpkin / Personal
Purple Dragon Carrot
Purple Sweet Potato
Arrowroot Tuber
Radish - Black
Radish - Heirloom Mix
Radish - White Icicle
Radium Weed Plant
Radium Weed Seed
Rams Horn Capsicum
Rapeseed - Canola
Red Amaranth
Red Ball Chilli
Red Clover
Red Grape Tomato
Red Opal Bulb
Red Sage -Dan shen
Red Tropea Onion
Rhubarb Seeds
Rice Bean - Ohwi and Ohashi - Seeds
Rice Beans Ohwi or Ohashi Seeds
Rice Plants
Rock Melon Seed
Rocket Seed
Rockmelon / Cantaloupe Seeds
Roman Wormwood NYA
Rose Apple Plant
Rosella Seed
Rosella Seeds
Rosemary Seed
Rouge de Mamande Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Rue Seed
Sacred Datura Seed
Safflower - Seeds
Safflower Seed
Sage - Seeds
Sage Seed
Salad Burnet Seed
Salsify - Oyster Root Seed
Salsify Seeds
Saltwort - Japanese Seed
Samphire - Rock Plant
Scarlet Eggplant Plant
Scullcap Seed
Sea Holly Seed
Sea Holly Seeds
Sechuan Button Plant
Sechuan Button Seed
Self Heal Herb - Seeds
Self Heal Plant
Self Heal Plant
Self Heal Seed
She chuang zi - Seeds
She chuang zi Seed
Sheep Sorrel Potted Plant
Shepherds Purse - Seeds
Shepherds Purse Seed
Sickle Hare's Ear Seed
Silverbeet Fordhook Giant Seeds
Small Flowered Willow Herb - Seeds
Small Willow Herb Seed
Smooth Loofah Seeds
Smooth Loofah Seeds BULK
Snake Bean - Seeds
Snakeroot Seed
Soapwort - Seeds
Soapwort Plant
Soapwort Potted Plant
Soapwort Seed
Solomon's Seal NYA
Sonatini - Balentino Bulb
Sonatini - Swan Lake Bulb
Sorrel - Broad Leaf Plant
Sorrel - Sheep Sorrel Plant
Soy Bean Seed
Spainish Angelica Seed
Spearmint Plant
Spearmint Seed
Speedwell - Seeds
Spinach - Baby Seed
Spinach - Brazilian Plant
Spinach - Perpetual Seed
Spinach - Swiss Chard Seed
Spinach Seeds
Squash Seed
St. Mary's Thistle - Seeds
St. Mary's Thistle Seed
St.John's Wort Plant
St.John's Wort Seed
Stevia /Sweet Leaf Plant
Stevia /Sweet Leaf Seed
Stevia Potted Seedling
Stinging Nettle Seed
Stinging Nettle Seed
Stonecrop - Seeds
Stonecrop Plants
Stonecrop Potted plant
Stonecrop Seed
Strawberry - Pinky Plant
Strawberry Alpine - Wild Seed
Strawberry Sweetheart Seed
Sugar Ann Dwarf Pea - Seeds
Sugar Beet Seed
Sugar Cane Potted Cutting
Sugar Snap Pea Seeds
Summer Savory Plant
Summer Savory Seed
Summer Savoury - Seeds
Sun Opener Seed
Sunflower (Red) Seed
Sunflower (Sun King) Seed
Sunflower Red Velvet Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sunset Hibiscus Plant
Sutherlandia Potted Seedling
Sutherlandia Seeds
Sweet Basil - Seeds
Sweet Basil Seeds
Sweet Calabash Passionflower Seeds
Sweet Corn Seed
Sweet Marjoram Seed
Sweet Olive Plant
Sweet Potato / Gold Plant
Sweet Potato /Purple Plant
Sweet Violet Seed
Sweet Wormwood Seed
Sweet Wormwood Seeds
Swiss or Rainbow Chard Seeds
Szechuan Pepper Seeds
Tamarillo - Red Seed
Tamarillo - Stripe Seed
Tamarillo Seeds Red Fruit
Tansey - Seeds
Tansey Seed
Tarragon - Russian Seed
Tatsoi Seeds
Tea Bush/ East Indian Basil - Seeds
Telephone Pea Seeds
Thai Basil - Seeds
Thai Chilli Seeds
Thorn Apple - Seeds
Thyme - Common Seed
Tiger Lily Plant
Tomatillo Seeds
Tomato Amish Paste Seed
Tomato Angelina's Seed
Tomato Apollo Seed
Tomato Australian Red Seed
Tomato Beefsteak Seed
Tomato Berry Nice Seed
Tomato Big Rainbow Seed
Tomato Big Red Seed
Tomato Black Krim Seed
Tomato Black Russian Seed
Tomato Cocktail Seed
Tomato German Green Seed
Tomato Golden Cherry Seed
Tomato Health Kick Seed
Tomato Heirloom Mix Seed
Tomato Kellogg's Breakfast Seed
Tomato Mortgage Lifter Seed
Tomato Oxheart Seed
Tomato Red Brandywine Seed
Tomato Red Grape Seed
Tomato Red Pear Seed
Tomato Roma Seed
Tomato Rouge de Marmande Seed
Tomato San Marzano Seed
Tomato Siberian Seed
Tomato Sugar Snack Seed
Tomato Sweet Bite Seed
Tomato Tiger Green Seed
Tomato Tigerella Red stripe Seed
Tomato Yellow Brandywine Seed
Tomato Yellow Pear Seed
Toothache Leaf seeds
Toothache Plant Seed
Tree Tomato Seeds
Tree Violet Seed
Tulsi - Holy Basil Potted Seedling
Turkish Eggplant Seeds
Turmeric Plant
Turmeric Plant
Upland Cotton - Seeds
Upland Cress Seed
Valerian - Seeds
Valerian Plant
Valerian Potted plant
Valerian Seed
Vanilla Plant
Vap Ca Plant
Vap Ca Plant
Veld Grape Potted Plant
Veldt Grape Plant
Veldt Grape Seed
Virginia Scullcap - Seeds
Vitex/Chaste Tree Seed
Wasabi Greens Seeds
Wasabi Greens Seeds BULK
Water Chestnut - Potted plant
Watercress Seed
West Indian Cucumber Seeds
West Indian Gherkin Seed
Wheatgrass Seed
White Hyacinth Bean
White or Russian Henbane
Wild Bergamot
Wild Oats - Seeds
Wild Oats Seed
Wild Yam Plant
Winged Bean - Seeds
Winter Melon Seeds
Wood Betony - Seeds
Wood Betony Plant
Wood Betony Seed
Woody Nightshade Seed
Woolly Lamb's Ears - Seeds
Wooly Lamb's Ear Seed
Wormwood - Seeds
Wormwood Potted Plant
Wormwood Seed
Xian cao/ Sweet Tea Seed
Yacon Earth Apple Plants
Yacon/ Ground Apple Plant
Yam bean
Yam Bean Seed
Yarrow - Seeds
Yarrow Seed
Yellow Pear Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Yellow Sweet Clover - Seeds
Yerba mate Herb
Zephyranthes Seed


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